Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Last night, the entire family was in here in the bedroom with me while I was doing some e-mails on the computer. I glanced over and realized that Zachary had our closet door open and was peeking into the mirror that's on the inside of the closet door. I suddenly remembered that we still had a few Christmas gifts left in there that we don't plan on wrapping and immediately and loudly told him to shut the door. I startled him, which was my intention, and he quickly shut it. He then walked up to me all grins and informed that earlier in the day while Stephen had been playing on the computer, he spied a batman scooter and he said he walked up to look and saw it WAS a batman scooter. There's a batman scooter in there mama! Sweet Hubby starts telling Z to be quiet and quit talking about it like he was afraid that Z was going to let the secret go. But the secret was already gone. So I said, "Well, it's for HIM!" Zachary's eyes lit up, "The batman scooter's for ME?!"

We had a good laugh and Z didn't stop grinning and talking about it all night long. I told him that he should try to forget so that he would be surprised on Christmas morning and he said, "I AM surprised, mama!"

I'm glad he's so happy about it. I'm also glad that we weren't trying to reserve this for a Santa gift because we would be so screwed right now.

Sweet Hubby remembers when he found out about Santa--after he spied his wrestling ring playset in his parent's closet and then got it from Santa for Christmas.

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Mommy Daisy said...

Uh oh, saved on that one. I hate seeing my Christmas gifts early, I'd rather be surprised.

We don't really "do" Santa around here, but Zachariah already found one of his presents. (Well, plus we've talked about the possibility of a few with him to get him excited about it. Cause otherwise he just wants "presents" for Christmas. That's it!) Anyway, we got him new bed sheets and he was with us when we got them. I tried to sneak them into the cart, but he saw Matt put them up to be paid for. He practically squealed and said "Oh, sheets for Zacky!" Matt told him they were for Grandpa. Zachariah looked at us strange, but he doesn't believe us. He should be surprised that there is a new bed to go with those sheets!

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