Monday, December 22, 2008

The gift that starts giving before you even open it

I feel safe in posting this here right now because Sweet Hubby never reads my blog. Ever. And I'm not bitter. *ahem*

Anyway, last night as I was finally dozing off wayyyy past my bedtime, I woke up to Stephen calling to me from across the hall. "Mom. Mom!"

"What is it, Stephen?" I respond, slightly annoyed.


I then realize "THAT" is some sort of noise coming from somewhere in the house. And in my fog of sleep I can't figure what the heck it is. So I lay there for a second hoping it will stop on its own trying to figure out what it is. When I figure that it's some sort of alarm and probably a watch alarm, I haul myself out of bed to investigate. This is when I remember that I've bought Sweet Hubby a watch for Christmas. Standing at the watches in the Walmart, I vacillated between an analog and a digital and finally decided on a digital. A decision I was cursing at about 11:52pm last night. And oh yeah, I've already wrapped all the presents, so the thing is under the tree WRAPPED. Among about 30 other presents. In the dark. So I crawl under the tree, dig for the tiny box in which the watch is wrapped and finally lay my hands on it. Thank goodness I didn't wrap the watch in another box, or else I wouldn't have been able to desperately start pushing the buttons THROUGH the wrapping paper to get the darn thing to stop. Something I did worked and it shut off. I crawl back to bed and try to go back to sleep.

Except about 3.5 minutes later, it starts going off again. I go through the same process, and the third time it goes off, I was actually asleep again. This is when I decide to bring the thing to bed with me in case it does it again. Which it does. At which point I tear the wrapping paper off and inspect the darn thing by its own little light which stays on for about 2 and one quarter seconds. Just long enough for me to accomplish nothing. So I flip open my cell phone for some light and begin trying to methodically push buttons to figure out how to turn the alarm (which seems to be set for every 3.5 minutes, a function of which I don't understand the usefullness) off. When it starts beeping in my hands, I realize that I'm going to have to actually OPEN one of Sweet Hubby's Christmas present, which makes me very sad. I finally got the instructions out and figured out how to turn the alarm off.

It was then that I realized what a sorry little watch this is. And I feel bad for that. I guess it's not too late to take it back. At least that would ensure that we don't go through a night like that again.

Anybody watch Friends? I felt like Phoebe.


Jana said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! Sorry for laughing, but I was thinking about Phoebe while reading your post (before reading the last line). Talk about life imitating art.

chewymama said...

Too funny!!!! I feel like that about my own watch which I still dont know how to work. Ive had hazy nights where it went off over and over and over until I finally threw it or buried it under a pillow. So frustrating! Sorry for the lost sleep but thanks for the laugh ;) (haha! p.s. my word is "login" which made me smile and think of you!)

Alli said...

OOHHH!! You got the word "LOGIN"?! I would have totally loved that. Seriously, that would have made my day! The closest I've gotten is words that SOUND like they could be a real word.

Kate said...

It's a funny story NOW that it's not beeping. I used to have a drawer full of stopwatches at school that would squeal periodically. I was seriously tempted to take a hammer to them all.

I got something that ended in bleh today. I thought it was funny because I was NOT feeling bleh. And I totally thought of you. =)

LaughterThoughts said...

So, did you keep it or brave the crowds and return it? My digital watch (coincidentally from WalMart) does the same thing. I have no idea how to turn off the alarm. Good thing it only goes off once a day, though!

The other night, we woke up at like 3am to the low-battery smoke detector chirp. I tried to cover my head with the pillow, but it's annoying and loud even through a pillow. Unfortunately (other than the fact that smoke detectors only chirp when you're asleep), we have a vaulted ceiling in our bedroom, so my B.H. had to go downstairs and outside to the backyard and over to the shed to get the ladder to lug back inside and up the stairs to switch the battery in the stinkin' thing. Which would've been bad enough alone, but it's frigid and cold and snowy here, so he had to do all this in 5 degree weather. Okay, it would have been even worse if I had to do it.