Monday, August 13, 2007

Is this normal?

For me, part of being a mom is needing validation that I'm not alone--that other moms deal with the same things or that other kids have the same issues. I used to be a part of an online forum where I could get that kind of validation, but I don't visit that forum anymore. So here I list things about my kids that make me think "Is that normal?" Some of them I know are normal (or I know they're not) but they're just fun/cute/weird and maybe worth sharing. Feel free to tell me your kids do the same thing or the things that you wonder about. Whatever you do, don't tell me my kids aren't normal. I'll start with Marc-Adam, because he seems to be less weird...probably just because of his lack of years.


  • repeatedly throws his head back and then brings it forward again just as if he's in violent agreement with you
  • loves to be held upside down and throws himself back if you hold him upside down once while holding him...he's only 9 months old
  • loves to suck on the dry erase board eraser (ewwww!)
  • insisted on buying a pair of glasses that look like they might be a cheap knock-off of a pair in Elton John's wardrobe--he then proceeds to wear them upside down because he's ears aren't stiff enough to hold them up
  • when you tell him to close his mouth, he opens his eyes wide and lifts his eyebrows half way up his head...he also makes this face when you ask for a kiss...we've now begun to call this look "Zachary's scary eyes"
  • has developed a Peewee Herman laugh
  • randomly throughout the day insists on a change of clothes, simply because he doesn't want to wear what he has on anymore
  • LOVES watching (and participating with) Sit and Be Fit
  • gets totally freaked out by the videos of people losing teeth or their dentures on America's Funniest Home Videos
  • holds his ears when he's scared
  • will turn up the TV/computer/music until it's the only thing everyone else in the house can hear
  • regardless of how many times I've corrected him, he leaves the toilet seat down to tee-tee and puts it up to sit down for his other business
Well, after putting this list together, I'm pretty sure I have my kids might be a little on the weird side. And I wouldn't have it any other way.


Kelli in the Mirror said...

yup, they're total freaks. must be that tainted gene pool they come from. :)

(lest anybody think I am being cruel, I am Alli's cousin and my children are equally freakish.)

Never heard of Sit and Be Fit, but I busted out laughing when I went to that site. WHY does he watch that?

And if Z is changing clothes that often, you totally have to start calling them "outfits". Or at least get him a fireman costume or something so he can get the changing out of his system with no extra laundry for you.

Kate said...

Sit and Be Fit! LOVE it!

I don't know what's normal or abnormal-- your kids sound so cute and fun! Thanks for sharing their fabulousness. :)

KatieBug (ksl) said...

My boys pee over the seat too! It drives mr crazy!! Firecracker is the worst because he is just tall enought to do it so it sprays ALL over the bathroom.

They also turn the TV up crazy loud and then scream when you turn it back to a mormal level.

CreamPuff eats crayons, bites the tip off markers to sucks the ink out and shoves pencils into her ears.

I have never seen the sit and be fit (which totally cracked me up by the way) but they went through a thing where the watched the workout in a chair video on the Elmocize tape all the time.

The boys sound perfectly normal to me!!! And super cute! :)

LaughterThoughts said...

fun! i got a good giggle!

and i guess that means my monkeys must be on the weird side too!

chewymama said...

Yes they are weird but YES thats normal! :)

Sarah said...

Big Boy (4) also holds his ears when he is scared or just doesn't want to be somewhere. I have a great picture of him being baptized (he was 1 1/2) with his hands over his ears.
And I have always been fascinated by Sit and Be Fit. I guess I'm kinda wierd too!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Hilarious about Sit & Be Fit! And all those other things... um as weird as they may seem, perfectly normal!


casual friday everyday said...

Our kids all have their quirks...that's what makes them fun! hehe