Friday, August 31, 2007

Jiggety Jig

We're heading back home today. We've been staying at my parents during the week for the last month, and now Sweet Hubby is coming back home for 2 weeks before he leaves again for the last 2 weeks of his training. So the hardest part is over. It wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it'd be because it was great fun (and so relaxing!) to stay with my folks. They take great care of me even though I'm grown with kids of my own. And the kids just love them to pieces...the popscicles and chocolate rice krispie treats probably have something to do with it, but as Mom says "Bought love is better than no love at all."

As fun as it's been, I'm so looking forward to having my husband home. I miss sharing the everyday details with him and having him a part of my daily life. My parents are my parents and I enjoy them and I'm comfortable with them, but not having Sweet Hubby around is like missing a part of me.

And it'll be good to get back into routine. My parents' house is so neat and organized even when we're here, that now I want to go home and make nice of every room in the house. Then when I come back to real life, I remember that it'll probably take me a week to get everything back in order from this trip and then I'll spend the next week getting ready to be gone for 2 more weeks. Then I'll be gone for 2 weeks and spend the next week getting back to normal. So realistically, I'll be lucky if I get things in order before Christmas. If I ever actually do get things in order. Organization is not one of my strong suits.

Home again, home again.


KatieBug said...

I feel the same way about my house and I never leave it! I long to be organized but I figure with 3 small children it is never going to be as clean as I would like. Not for a while anyway.

So glad your Hubby is home!

Anonymous said...

I am sitting here now trying not to cry because my house is TOO quiet. We have so enjoyed you and the boys being here with us. I don't how I am supposed to come home from work without 4 of the 5 LOVES OF MY LIFE not being there to greet me at my backdoor. But, Darling Daughter,I knew we would have to give you back to your Sweet Hubby so like you tell the boys, I am grateful for the time we had. We have been blessed, so I won't cry because it's over instead I will smile because it happened.

We Love You All Very Much!
The door is always open!!


LaughterThoughts said...

i've been thinking how i need to get organized before october before parents come to visit. will i make it???

glad hubby's stuff is finishing up!