Thursday, August 02, 2007

The right decision

In case you were wondering how things have been since Sweet Hubby changed jobs, here's a little update:

He hasn't officially started his training yet. He leaves at the crack of dawn Monday morning for that. He's been at his "home store" all this week, meeting his associates, "sponsors" and bosses. It seems like he's really enjoyed the challenges he's had and just being able to do something different has made all the difference in the world.

All week he's worked 8-5 or 7-5 until today when he's working 2-10. And can I just say that so far, I'm loving this arrangement? He got to spend lots of good time with the kids this morning and we got to have breakfast and lunch together. We had all the conversation we normally have during a 24 hour day, but we got to have it all in person (albeit with a few more interruptions) instead of over the phone like we usually have to do. We've had to start making some decisions regarding our new health insurance, so it's been awfully nice to discuss that.

And speaking of insurance, it turns out that with a specific plan that we'll probably get, our premiums will be a tenth of what they used to be. Which means we'll be seeing more than $200 more each month in his paychecks just from insurance. And that means we'll be able to afford another vehicle that we're going to have to get.

So, we feel like it really was the right decision for him to change careers at this point in our lives. It looks like it really is going to be a blessing.

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