Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ketchup packets are NOT a food group

Yesterday, my mom and the kids and I went to Chick-fil-a for lunch. While we were getting the kids set up with their lunches, Marc-Adam got a hold of an unopened ketchup packet and started sucking on it. I let him play with it for a few seconds and then took it away and distracted him with a bit of banana and moved everything out of his reach. When we were all just about done, he started gagging and choking a bit on what I thought was a piece of chicken. Then it seemed like he got it worked out. So I gave him another bite. He started choking again. I gave him a few seconds to see if he could work it out and when it was clear he wasn't getting out (because he wasn't breathing) I got him out of the highchair, turned him almost upside down and started beating on his back. A piece of chicken fell out and he started breathing again. I thought all was right. But then he starts gagging and choking again. At this point I'm a little more than freaked out and I was just getting ready to start hollering to see if someone could help, because obviously I couldn't handle this on my own. Just then I get a glimpse of something in the back of the roof his mouth. Against everything that I've been told about a choking baby, I did a sweep of his mouth and yielded.....a pointy corner of a ketchup packet! Not off the one he had been sucking on, though. I have no idea where (or when!) he got it from. I don't even tear the corners off the ketchup packets when I open them.

His lunch was over after that.

Then yesterday afternoon, he crawls into the kitchen where I am with something obviously in his mouth. Before I can get to him I see it's something sparkly and when I dig it out (which thouroughly ticked him off) it's my wedding ring. I had taken it off while putting lotion on Zachary and then the phone rang and jumped up to get it and left my ring on the floor.

It was a great day for me as a mom yesterday.


Life With All Boys said...

In June at my hubby's birthday me and my MIL were cleaning the kitchen when she said, "Robin, I think Carter is chewing on something" No one had given him anything, so I did a sweep of his mouth, and there was a piece of a balloon! The kids had been playing outside with water balloons. I guess a piece came in on someone. Thank God he didn't choke.

chewymama said...

its scary what they get in their mouths! Im so glad he is ok!!!

Jayna choked once when I tried to nurse her - she had a piece of potato peel in her mouth! it was naaaaasty LOL.

my favorite is the sequins I found in her diaper from her brothers art projects ;)

KatieBug said...

I'm SO glad he didn't swallow your ring!

Bubby used to feed FireCracker things when they were little. I can't tell you the number of times I found yellow happy face stickers from walmart in his diaper. Once I even pulled a used band-aide out of his mouth. Yuck!

I won a really nice (very expensive) mother/daughter braclet set in the dog days of summer giveway and CreamPuff ripped it off her arm with her teeth when the phone rang and pooped PEARLS for a few days. That was fun.