Friday, May 04, 2007

Just another day in paradise

It's dinner time. I'm feeling more than a little frazzled. Sweet Hubby's outside mowing the lawn that probably should have been mowed about 2 weeks ago. The baby's been fussy all day and has spent most of his waking time on my hip. The boys are still in their jammies. The house is a mess. The playroom looks like the toybox and bookshelf got the same germies and both threw up. I've gotten nothing done. All week. Zachary's been through 5 pair of undies today. Laundry's piled up on the least it's clean. I have no idea what to make for dinner. What's worse is that I'm in no mood to even think about it. So, I go with the old stand-by, breakfast for dinner. Blueberry muffins (I could eat a whole pan by myself), scrambled eggs, and bacon. Except we only have 4 eggs. And two have to go in the muffin mix. Okay, no problem. I'm not getting the kids dressed and hauling them all to the store. Blueberry muffins and bacon is just fine.

The stage is set for Stephen to take what's left of our snack bag of popcorn and spill the contents (oh, all the tiny little kernels) all over the living room floor. I'm trying to mix muffin batter and fry bacon while keeping Marc-Adam from getting into the muffin mix or getting splattered by the bacon grease. I tell Stephen to clean it up. He whines, pouts and moans about not wanting to clean if up while I whine, pout and moan about it needing to be cleaned up...until he asks if he could vacuum it. I'm wondering why in the world I didn't think of that and plug it in for him. Thankfully, he loves the vacuum and this will keep him busy for a while.

I go back to the muffins. I then proceed to dump the entire can of blueberries into the sink of dirty dishes.

Muffins and bacon. Give everyone some OJ and some apple slices and it's a real dinner, right?

I consider calling Sweet Hubby in to tell him I can't be trusted with the what's left of our dinner. My track record with bacon should have kept him from letting me make it to begin with.

I hide in the back of the house the rest of the evening. I'm so tired. Regardless of what my house looks like right now and the fact that my family only ate half of a real dinner, I feel like I earned every penny of my $138,095.


chewymama said...

And you have earned it! This made me laugh, Ive been there soooo many days. We've had more pasta since Jayna was born than we've had in the last 6 years. Same with eggs :)

LaughterThoughts said...

that sounds like my day to a T-- i have so been there!:) it's easy to laugh about after the fact, but in the middle of it, it can be so exasperating!!

but i would've scooped the blueberries out of the dirty dishes and rinsed them off. i figure anything too bad will just burn off while the muffins are cooking... that or just boost the immune systems!

Jenn said...

Good story :)

Those are the days Hubby gets a call to PLEASE bring something home for supper.

When all else fails, we eat grilled cheese sandwiches.

ksl said...

Poor honey! When CreamPuff was little there were times I looked at the boys and relized they had been wearing the same jammies for 3 days. You just have to do what you can to get by. I go by the rule that as long as you have a carb, protien, and fruit and/or veggie it is a meal. And let me tell you my kids get some random "meals"!
Hope you fell better.