Thursday, May 24, 2007

Blog? Blog, is that you?

I almost didn't recognize you, it's been so long.

In all seriousness, I'm not sure why I took a little bloggy break. There's actually quite a bit going on, but nothing I want to really blog about.

There are some big changes on the horizon for the Sweet Family. One concerning our livelihood and the other concerning something that seems to have taken over our lives. We're making big decisions over here. More on all that later. I'll prolly be needing a little support. The next few weeks/months might be a little bumpy.

So, ya think I could be any more vague?

Anyway, I'm still around. Still checking out all of your blogs, even if I'm not commenting much. Don't give up on me.:)


ksl said...

How is it I feel like I know less about what is going on with you since I read that? Hope things are going OK and we will be praying for your decisions and liveihood. :)

LaughterThoughts said...

i haven't given up yet!:)

i've been a little postin' negligent myself;-)

k said...

Way to set up the suspense! We're all holding our collective breaths now to hear what the big news is. (Is it selfish to hope that it might involve a northward move?)

Jenn said...

wow, that WAS vague :) Hope things are alright with the sweet family!