Thursday, May 03, 2007

For Mom & Dad

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Most of the posts here on AiI (HA! that sounds way cooler than it really is) are dedicated to my children, my own silliness and sometimes, my dear Sweet Hubby. But today is special.

Today, my parents celebrate their 27th year of being married. In a culture where people change their minds about marriage the same way they change their minds about the paint color in the bedroom, that's something. And what's so great about them, is that it is obvious that they still very much love each other. And what's more, they are still best friends. Many couples tend to slump down into a state of co-existence, especially once the nest is empty. But they've built a life and a relationship strong enough to ride out the hard times and big changes. I can see that they are stronger now than they've ever been.

So happy anniversary, guys. We love you both so very much. May God bless you with 27 more beautiful years.

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ksl said...

That is so cool! Happy anniversary to my wonderful aunt and uncle!