Monday, January 08, 2007

Is that kinda like a hot dog?

A conversation had between Stephen and his Grammy in the car on their way to her house (as told to me by Grammy):

S: Look Grammy! Two dogs!

G: Yes, those are beagles.

S: No, they're dogs.

G: Yes, they're beagle dogs.

S: We had those for breakfast!!

Um, no, we didn't have beagles for breakfast. Those were bagels. Bagels.

I promise.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, TOO cute!!

Robin said...

My 6 year old does this ALL the time!!

LaughterThoughts said...

Funny! Which makes me wonder, where did "hot dog" come from anyway???

As I was packing up the nativity today, I heard B#2 telling B#3 all about the things in the scene as they were being put away.

Apparently the wise men brought zucchini to baby Jesus. Frankincense, maybe?? Dunno on that one. I couldn't make a connection!