Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Somebody stop me!!

I've picked up a new hobby.


I decided the other day that I would try to make most of Evie's bows (and believe me, I plan on putting a bow on her every chance I get). Some of the bows that I looked at to buy were $5 or $6 each, and I just have a hard time spending that much on a baby/toddler accessory. So I searched the internet for how to make them (you'd be surprised at how little instruction there is on the internet...these bow-making ladies keep their secrets close) and dug out some ribbon. I made the first one and was hooked. Hobby Lobby had their ribbon by the spool on sale, so I went and bought some cute ribbon yesterday. And I haven't quit making bows since. Well, except to eat and help the kids with their handwriting.

So. Here's what I've done so far (I apologize for the quality of the pictures...they aren't good which is sad because I think it takes away from how cute the bows are):

This one was the hardest, but turned out the best and one of my favorites:

This is definitely my favorite...must find an outfit to match it for Evie:

This one is cute...picture doesn't do it justice (it looks lopsided or uneven, I think it's just the angle of the bow and my awful picture taking skills):

A fun one, really cute ribbon:

This is the very first one I did, it matches one of my favorite outfits of Evie's perfectly:

Just another cute one with cute ribbon:

The first one I did in this particular bow-style...I don't like it, probably won't ever use it:

Surprisingly, I really enjoy doing this and it doesn't take me long to crank them out. I can't wait to go get my hands on more ribbon! However, starting out this new hobby makes me wonder if all the bow-making mommies and professional bow-makers have any fingerprints left. I've burned and poked myself so much that I'm surprised I'm still able to type!

I also bought a bunch of little tiny "no hair needed" bows for Evie's first few weeks. And I got an awesome deal on headbands that you can use with interchangeable bows. I think I might be a little out of control....


Jana said...

Those bows are absolutely adorable! What a talent! I can't wait to see pictures of her wearing them.

The Whitton's said...

I love making bows! Don't do it often b/c I tend to burn myself too!

Very cute bows though!!

kelli said...

oh my goodness, gillian had an outfit in that EXACT red bandanna material. i think it was 12 months? i'll send it to you once i find it. so cute!!

one of my daycare moms told me today she paid SEVENTEEN DOLLARS for a leopard print bow. there is serious money in this once you get good!

nicole said...

Way to go! Your bows look great. I still have a ton of ribbon sitting around waiting to be made into bows. I bought a bunch of 1/2 inch ribbon that is only patterned on one side and I'm having a hard time getting it to look good on a bow. But I'll keep trying. I really like using 1 1/2 inch ribbon. The bows are huge but they look so cute on baby heads.

Mama D said...

Those are adorable Alli! You did a great job. Have you made any more lately? I have an addiction to bowmaking as well...Gabriella wears a homemade bowband every day! After having boys, it's fun to have a girly girl! Welcome to the bowmaking addict club!