Sunday, February 15, 2009

So in love, I almost can't stand it

Obviously, I love all my children dearly and for different reasons. They all have qualities that make me thank the Lord every day that I get to be their mom. Lately, though, Marc-Adam has just been so amazing and so cute, that this morning at church, I told Sweet Hubby that if M-A weren't already ours, I think I would have to take him so that he could be ours. He walked the halls at church smiling at and saying hello to everyone and was yelling about what a fun time he had at church.

Yesterday morning, he completely took apart a flashlight--screw-on top, batteries and springy thing and all. And then, within just a few minutes, he had put it all back together again--correctly--and was walking down the hall shining it in to all the small rooms. I thought for sure that Sweet Hubby had put it back together, but Marc-Adam assured me that he did it himself.

Lately, as we have our last snuggle of the evening, when I ask him what song he wants to sing (as in which lullaby), he asks for Jingle Bells. Every.Single.Time. Then halfway before I'm done, he insists on switching to You Are My Sunshine. Every.Single.Time.

He's very excited about Evie, and he's especially excited about one particular pair of shoes that she'll get to wear when she's born. Everytime we go to her room, he picks them up and asks if they are Evie's and tells me she'll wear them when she comes out.

He sings and talks and carries on for what seems like after we put them to bed at night. The other two boys don't seem to mind and they pass out long before he does. He'll talk to his lovey and sing to Dadoo (a little stuffed dog) and then when he's all done, he'll call me in to cover him back up and then he goes to sleep. It cracks me up.

He is my most high-maintenance child. But he steals my heart every day.


Kate said...

How sweet! I love how you love all three of your boys for who they are. I can't wait to see and hear about Evie.

I was one of four and my parents made a definite effort to make us feel special and spend time with us doing things that were important to us. It always made me feel special to know that my parents loved all of us for who we were.

kelli said...

Okay, I have not seen him in WAY too long. Has it really been since last May? He's so big! What a sweetie.

chewymama said...

awwwwwwwh! such sweet stories, thanks for sharing! what a smart little man!