Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Perfect timing

Just the other day, I was thinking that I'd like to get some more nursing shirts and/or dresses for when Evie is born, so I don't have to struggle with nursing at church like I did with Marc-Adam. I couldn't wear any of my dresses that I had because I would have to half undress in order to nurse. But I didn't want to wear shirts and pants all the time, because I felt I would be too dressed down most of the time. And the only nursing shirts I really had were t-shirt type shirts that I got when I was nursing Stephen and the nursing wear they offer these days are SO MUCH better.

ANYWAY, Motherwear is giving away a $50 gift certificate! I think this is one of my favorite items from Motherwear, if I have to choose one.

This gift card would be such a blessing to me right now!!


kelli said...

I hope you win!

And if not, I say dress down. I wear jeans to church half the time. :)

bj said...

I wear jeans EVERY week...but I try to dress them up with cute shoes or dressier tops. And that top that you posted looks super cute, I would wear it and I'm NOT nursing!!!

Shabby Mama said...

hey girl..hope you win this!

what is your MIL's email..or if leave a message on her blog will she see it...i wanted to find out how much the black bed is that is pictured on her blog..

hope your hubby feels better soon.sounds awful:(

Jana said...

Cute top! Definitely beats the nursing tanks I've been living in the last 9 months!

nicole said...

Very pretty. Good luck! You know, it will be warm enough for skirts and shirts pretty soon, so at least you will have that option.