Friday, February 06, 2009

Is no news actually good news?

So, after 4 visits to our family doctor, 3 visits to 2 different neurologists, 4 MRIs and 1 CT scan, 2 trips for blood tests we still don't really know what's wrong with Sweet Hubby. His last couple of MRIs did show some bulging disks in his middle and lower back, which might explain the numbness/pain in his legs and feet (and it definitely explains his back pain), but it doesn't explain what's going on in his neck and arms/hands--and what's going on in his arms/hands are the same things that's going on with his legs/feet so it makes me wonder if the bulging disks have anything to do with anything. The bulging disks are too far down to be affecting his arms and hands. We were so frustrated when we left the doctor this morning because we still don't have a solid answer and now he's got to have more (and more invasive) testing. In 2 weeks, he's having an EMG done on all 4 limbs so they can try to pinpoint which nerves are causing the problem and then hopefully we can find the source. In the meantime, he's on an leave of absence from work. Thank goodness his company has a 90 paid leave of absence for management, otherwise we'd be in a world of trouble. They also have an "Associate in Need" program to help out when things like this happen, but unless something really awful or expensive happens, I don't think we'll need it.

On the bright side, we've spent so much on all this that we've almost hit the maximum out of pocket for our insurance. Once I pay for my part on the hospital, Evie will be free. And my hospital stay and all that will only cost us $800. And any other medical costs we have this year will be covered 100% by our insurance.

So that's where we're at. I hadn't updated in a while. We could sure use your prayers if you can squeeze us in.


Mommy Daisy said...

I hope they figure something out to help your husband.

My dad has been dealing with bulging disks for about a year now (don't think it's been that long since they diagnosed it though). He had numbness, bladder problems, back pain, and some other things all relating back to the bulging disks. They've tried shots to block the pain and that's not really working, so he's seeing some other specialists now. It's been a long process, and no one has definite answers for him.

I hope that your husband doesn't have to go through all that. I was just telling you, because I know bulging disks have caused lots of other problems for my father.

Kate said...

Bumping you up to the top. This kind of thing is never good, but it must be extra hard with three little boys and Evie about to arrive. I hope that you get an answer soon and a plan to help your hubby get back to feeling good. ((hugs))

chewymama said...

so sorry that he is going through all of this :( its the last thing you need right now {{hugs}} Lord may you provide the answers they need to help him feel better. Bless Alli with strength and hope, may she know You are near. amen. love you friend.