Monday, January 28, 2008

Good influence, or bad? You be the judge.

First Dunkin' Donuts, then blogging, now this. I'm addicted.

There are a couple of you reading this who are responsible for my addictions. You know who you are......I don't have enough time or money to keep jumpin' on your bandwagons! :)


K in the Mirror said...

Hey, you were the one who wouldn't let me buy the hippo last weekend. And in my defense, blogging is free, and there is not a Dunkin Donuts that close to you.

I'm so glad you love it! :) Isn't it so fun?

mom on a mission said...

I've been avoiding getting those for my kids....because I can't decide either :-)

KatieBug said...

Ha ha ha!! I feel your pain!! It really is fun though!!! And tasty. :)