Monday, January 14, 2008

And if you ask us to do anything, we'll tell you we saw the movie

*Updated with the link that I forgot to add that explains exactly what "The Pirates" are.

In honor of my 26th birthday, we took the boys to see The Pirates on Friday. Actually, the two things just happened to coincide, but honestly, it was one of the best birthdays I've ever had.

Stephen and Zachary had never been to a movie before. I've just been too afraid of what might happen and movie going is too expensive these days to risk having to leave half way through. But they're older now and more able to control themselves (or be controlled). So we got there really early and let them check everything out and get all the wigglies out before the movie started. They each got a popcorn or candy and a Sprite (a treat because we don't buy or supply them with soda, ever). Stephen had to call his Grammy to tell her that the movie screen was even bigger than her TV.

Once the movie started, they were already calmed down from their excitement and were more than ready to watch it. They both snuggled in after their Sprite was sucked down and the popcorn/candy had been inhaled (Zachary actually hand-fed me most of his popcorn, sweet boy) and giggled, laughed out loud, gasped and squealed. I think they had a great time and I was so glad that all went well. I was a little disappointed that the pirates didn't actually sing their song and the one time it was played at the end, it was interrupted.

Now we'll have to wait another 5 years for another appropriate movie to take them to.


Jaime said...

too cute!! glad you all had a good time!

Kate said...

You are GENIUS for taking them early to get settled in. Glad you guys had a good time!

mom on a mission said...

I'm always at home with the baby while hubby gets to take the older kids......that doesn't seem quite fair. I honestly haven't been to the movies in YEARS :-))

Jennifer said...

We had such fun doing that lately too. It is wonderful to see a movie together in a theatre. Magic.

Hi. I'm Jennifer. Just skimming through blogs and found yours. Hope I'm not intruding....