Sunday, January 27, 2008


Dearest Stephen,

How can it be that you are already five? Seems like just yesterday we met and I fell in love with you. Seems like just a few minutes ago that you were so so tiny and yet changed us forever. And now, here you are. A full five years old going on 35.

You have accomplished SO MUCH this year. Your daddy and I just can't believe how smart you are. We started dipping our toes in the waters of homeschooling this year and you have just taken off. You just won't stop reading anything you get your hands on. Sometimes, you'll ask me to read a book to you and Zachary and as soon as I open it, you start reading it. You are reluctant to do your math, but you excel in it as well. You can do simple math, count to 100 and skip count by 10s. We also delved a bit this year into bugs and dinosaurs because you were so interested in them. But school isn't the only way you are so's easy to hold a conversation with you and your logic always surprises me. You just seem to "get" things that seem way beyond you.

I have loved watching your personality develop. Everyday, I feel like I'm getting to know who you are and who you will be. You are full of energy from the time you wake up until your tired little head hits your pillow at night. You love playing superheros, jumping from couch to couch and back again, saving the day. You love loud movies, fast cars and rough-housing. You love to wrestle with just about anybody. But you also have your serious side. We all have to be careful not to tease you too're a little sensitive to being laughed at and unlike your brothers, you don't usually like being the center of attention.

Your innate sense of right and wrong is so strong and although I worry about you a little when you get among other kids, I know deep down that you will stand up for what's right (I'm not sure it's even normal for a 5 year old to do that!). One day a few months ago, while playing with a new little girl friend at a play area, the girl told you that a bigger boy had just pushed her down. You immediately asked her who and started gathering a posse to find him and tell him that that was wrong and he should not have pushed her down. After I talked you down (and took the torch and pitchfork out of your hand), I was so proud of you. I knew right then and there that I would always be able to trust you to do the right thing. And because of that, you are also and awesome big brother. When you think I'm not listening or watching, I've seen you guide your little brother to do the right thing (and when he still doesn't do the right thing, I can trust you to quickly come and tattle). You struggle with being the big brother sometimes, but I can always see how much you love your brothers...hugging them and kissing them. And I know you didn't see me there, but I saw you making sure Zachary had his lovey and enough covers on that cold night.

You are becoming such a little man. And it is so much fun getting to do all the things with you that I've waited for. Your first bike, your first theater movie and today, I signed you up for T-ball. Your daddy and I have waited for to share all these things with you. Watching you grow up has been the most fun I've ever had. You are sweet, fun, kind, smart and just a blessing to know. And I'm the most blessed of all, 'cause I get to be your mom. I can't wait till you get to be a little older because I just know that once you understand the world a little better, you and I are going to be great friends. You've already taught me so much. I thank God every day that I get to be a part of you growing up into the wonderful person you are becoming. You are one person who will leave the world a better place than it was before you were in it.

I love you, Stephen. For so many reasons, you're first five years were the best of my life....and it only gets better.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy.


Jaime said...

happy birthday Stephen!!

Kate said...

Happy birthday, Stephen!

mom on a mission said...

I've always thought of writing my kids letters on their birthdays, but never did. How beautiful.