Friday, October 12, 2007

Update on Z's foot

The good news is that Zachary's foot isn't broken. We took him into to the doctor yesterday and had some x-rays done. The pediatrician wanted us to get him into the orthopedist today if he still wasn't walking on it, but I couldn't get an appt until Monday. He will walk on it now, though, but only if it's tightly and thickly wrapped in an ace bandage. He wails that it hurts when I take the bandage off. So he still can't walk on just a bare foot and even when it's wrapped he limps and even crawls a bunch of the time still.

And the "drama king" is coming out even more than ever. This morning while I was wrapping his foot and encouraging him to try to stand and maybe walk, through tears and a pouty lip, he said, "I'll never walk agaaaaain!"


KatieBug said...

Poor Honey. :(

nicole said...

I hope he gets better. My son hurt his knee after falling off a chair this summer. He wouldn't walk on it for about two days, but it was just really bruised. Having a bandage helped a lot. Sometimes I think they remember how much it hurt to try to walk and they just don't want to risk that hurt again. So it ends up looking like they are hurt worse than they are. Hopefully the appoitnment today ends up being just a precaution and nothing serious.

KatieBug said...

Tag! :)