Friday, October 05, 2007

A handy little piece of information

Kelli had posted the other day about how to cut back on using plastic grocery bags and start doing something a little more eco-friendly. Well, I found out today that Wal*mart recycles their plastic bags. Apparently there's a big green recycle bin next to the main doors and you can bring in your used plastic bags, and they'll recycle them! I guess you could do the same thing if you are recycling already, but I think it's awesome that Wal*Mart is doing something, too. It's still not as good as using reusable bags, I guess, because they're still using up the petroleum to make them, but it's not as bad as throwing them in a landfill where they'll sit forever and ever amen. My source told me, however, that you can only take in Wal*mart bags. Not sure about seems to me that a plastic bag is a plastic bag.

So there you go. Something to do to help you make a small difference before you buy your reusable grocery bags.

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Kelli in the Mirror said...

Good to know. I wonder what they do with them? Make more bags I guess?