Sunday, October 21, 2007

His first steps....

....and I didn't even get to see. :(

Marc-Adam took his first steps today. While I was at church.

He stayed with my parents this morning while I went to church. I got a voicemail in between the service and Sunday School from my mom saying he took 3 steps to his Papa. It's bittersweet. I was excited because I knew it was coming very very soon, but I was also totally bummed because I spend most of his waking moments caring for him and playing with him and helping him grow. Then I leave for an hour and he gets up and runs around the room.

Ok, not really. But that's what it looked like in my head until I could get back to see him.

*sigh* And since he's the baby, it's sad to see him grow up so fast. He'll be a year old on Friday. Can't someone just slow this down a tad?


Kelli in the Mirror said...

My parents are under strict orders that nothing happens to my children for the first time when I am not there. Their first steps do not happen until I see it. I would shoot my mom if she told me Luke walked and I missed it. :)

I deal with that all the time in my job. I NEVER tell parents when their kids crawl or walk or whatever. I wait until they tell me it happened.

LaughterThoughts said...

and usually you can't get 'em to show off!

"show papa how you can walk!!" and the kid plops down and crawls. :)

well, if he took three steps while you were at church, he WILL be running around the house in no time! at least you'll be there when he's getting into everything!heehee:):):)

KatieBug said...

It doesn't count until you see it! If you were not there to see it, it hasn't happened yet!