Friday, March 16, 2007

Randomness of Friday...

Not much going on in the Sweet Household this week...but I'm gonna talk about it anyway.

We went to the Rodeo on Monday. We left the two older boys at home and just took Marc-Adam. He did great...he just rode in the sling and looked around at all the lights and animals. He was more impressed with the lights. He then proceeded to sleep through the barrel racing and bull riding....two of the loudest events. We really went for the concert, but the sound was so lousy that we left halfway through the second song. Now, I know concerts are supposed to be loud, but I could literally feel vibrations in my head and teeth. I cringe to think of what it did to his little eardrums! The rodeo itself was great, though. I wish I could ride a horse....those chicks that do the barrel racing and all the tricks on the horses just look so cool. The one and only time I've ever even been near a horse, I was afraid it was going to bite me so I wouldn't get close enough to touch it. This was just last year, people.

I rearranged the furniture in the living room. Does anyone else do this on a regular basis? It reminds me that I really should vacuum under the furniture more regularly. There's a little world under there that I'm not even aware of. Apparently, it's also the place where little tiny toy pieces go to die. And while I'm moving the furniture, the boys (being boys) think it's great fun to "fly" from one sofa to the other (or to the coffee table for that matter). That really makes it easier, you know.

I've gotten more than few weirdo hits from questionable google searches. So I've had to trim things here and there and had to remove a blog from my sidebar that I actually do read on a regular basis. But the name of her blog coupled with a post of mine brought more weirdos than I'm comfortable with being here. I know this is the World Wide Web and all and I can't control who takes a peek at my little corner, but I can at least protect it as best I can. Does anyone else get repeated hits from the same (or similar) searches for "things that you don't blog about"? What do you do about it?

On a lighter note, we're headed to Ikea tomorrow. I've been checking the site out for a while and I'm excited to go look at the stuff in person. We're having a garage sale in a couple of weeks and I'm hoping we'll get enough from it to fund an overhaul of the playroom. It's just cluttered and scattered and unorganized. We'll be using it for some real homeschooling soon, so I need to get things under control. The kids don't really even play in there that much anymore. Something needs to change. Anyway, Ikea has some cute book shelves that I think will help give us more room and the table and chairs I want are just darling. And the best part...they're CHEAP! "And on this farm he had a tightwad, E I E I O....with a 'CHEAP CHEAP!' here and a 'CHEAP CHEAP!' there..." I hope we can turn that room into something really cool for the kids. I'm not sure if I want to paint...I was think about painting the bottom half of one of the walls with that chalkboard paint. Any thoughts on that? I think we're going to use a "Things that ZOOM!" motif with bold primary colors. If you have ideas for homeschool organization and/or playroom decorating and organization they are invited and welcome. I need some inspiration!!

The circus is coming to our tiny little town. It's being held at our tiny little fairgrounds. I'm not sure if I'm going yet or not, but my mother-in-law is taking the kids....I think I might go just to see what kind of circus actually comes to this map dot.

So there you go. That's as exciting as it gets around here.


Kelli in the Mirror said...

I cannot get the hang of putting Luke in the sling. I need tutorials. I don't know what angle to sit him at and I'm constantly afraid he's going to fall out.

LOVE Ikea. I could spend the whole day there. We should leave all the kiddos with dads and go next time you visit.

And I think the idea of chalkboard paint is very cool. But actually, when I was in high school my parents let me write on the walls of my room with chalk and mostly it washes off with water anyway.

k said...

I am SO with you on IKEA! We furnished our tiny little "apartment" with their Bonde bookcases which we are using like dressers (bought the doors so everything is covered up.) Huge amount of storage in small space. They're very good with that.

ksl said...

IKEA!! Love it. I was looking through the catalog just last week and I really want the cabinets the the chalkboard doors! You should really check them out. You guys are so much fun,IKEA, the rodeo and the circus? I'm lucky if I get to go to Wally world. :)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I Love Ikea!!!!

Join my Photo Tag going on! Hope you’d like to play along and post about the shoes you can't live without!