Monday, March 19, 2007

I'm all about IKEA!

Y'all...I was in heaven! I know this is so lame to take up two posts about a store, but we spent 4.5 hours there and I still feel like I could go back and touch everything again. And they have a restaurant!! We ate breakfast and lunch....all three of us, my mom, dad and I, ate both meals for under $25--not each, TOTAL! And the food was so good. Definitely better than some of the stand alone restaurants we have in our town. Added with the whole shopping experience, it was seriously the coolest, most fun thing I've done in a while. And my folks bought me the bookshelves and another cool little storage thing for the playroom!

As for the circus. It was what you would expect to come to a town of 5,000. It wasn't held at the Fairgrounds, but at the Knights of Columbus Hall. Apparently, it was an entire family putting in on. They all had the same last name. They were very talented, but it was no Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey. But it was small enough (and there were few enough people) that Stephen even got to get involved. The very first clown (whose make-up looked a bit like Boy George) tried to teach Stephen to juggle. I think Stephen now wants to join the circus. And before I left my parents after the IKEA excursion, I told my mom that I wouldn't think it was a real circus unless they had motorcycles going round and round in a big round steel cage. And wouldn't you know they had the "Glove of Death"....I'm guessing they meant "Globe of Death", but English was obviously not their first language. The kids thought it was so neat. And by kids I mean 2 of my children and my husband who giggled like a 4 year old, when they brought the second motorcycle out. All in all, a fun evening was had by all. Except for the first few minutes when my mother-in-law nearly choked on her gum when they told her tickets were $12 a piece.

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Jenn said...

I've never been to Ikea...apparently I am missing out. The closest Ikea's to Nova Scotia are in Ontario I think, unless they sprung one up closer that I don't know about.

Glad you had fun :)