Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen- The Sweet Boys

I'm probably the only one that cares about this or thinks it's interesting. But because I have nothing else to blog about it, you're subjected to it as well!

I was watching the Sweet Boys play the other day and I was thinking about how different they are. They're personalities are so different from each other and it's fascinating they came from the same parents just 21 months apart. So here, in honor of their differences and to celebrate who they are, are the 13 ways the Boys are different from each other.

1. Stephen will eat just about anything; Zachary will eat just about anything deep fried.

2. Stephen doesn't care about what he's wearing as long as he's not too hot or cold; Zachary must pick out every stitch that he wears...and giving choices doesn't cut it (for example, a conversation we had just a few days ago : Me: "Zachary would you like to wear the red or the blue shirt?" Z: "Spiderman". )

3. Stephen must know everything that's going on the house, even at night when he's supposed to be sleeping; Zachary, if tired, will lay down at any point in the day and go to sleep. Regardless of what's going on in the house.

4. Stephen wants to be Superman; Zachary wants to be Spiderman. (That makes me smile.)

5. Stephen is absolutely in love with Marc-Adam, almost to the point where he smothers him; Zachary seems to be indifferent with Marc-Adam and only plays with him on Zachary's Terms, and that usually involves the poking of baby eyes and the "honking" of baby noses.

6. Stephen prefers to be near me (or his Dad) just about every second of his waking moments; Zachary is content to sit and play by himself for quite a while.

7. Stephen insists he doesn't need help; Zachary will whine for help can't get down off his chair or the bed even though he can (and has) do it by himself.

8. Stephen jumps off furniture, runs around the house at full speed, and attempts all sorts of acrobatic stunts; Zachary is much less coordinated and tends to run into furniture while just walking to the bathroom.

9. Stephen could watch TV all day long if I let him; Zachary gets bored with it fairly quickly and will wander off from it to find something to do, or to find trouble.

10. Stephen eats as much as a grown person every day (I often hear the words, "I'm still hungry, Mama"); Zachary can get by on a couple of raisins and a quarter of a PB&J for an entire day.

11. Stephen's an early riser (early being no later than 7:30); Zachary could sleep in until 9:00 and still need a nap at 11:00.

12. Stephen is motivated by nothing less than time spent with me or his daddy (or a good movie); Zachary is easily motivated by 2 M&Ms.

13. While they both love their Daddy and I, Stephen is more of a Daddy's Boy and Zachary is more of a Mama's Boy.

So there, now you've gotten to know them much better. I know your life is complete now, right? ;)


chewymama said...

awh! I love them all, so sweet. They sounds so similar to my two - except for #10. They BOTH eat me out of house and home every single day ;) What sweet boys, I hope I get to see them again soon!

Kelli in the Mirror said...

That's so funny. I love #5. It's going to be interesting to see the differences in my kids as Luke gets older.

ksl said...

It is great to get to know your boys a little more. They sound like so much fun! It is so funny how they can be SO different!

Robin said...

They are all so different. And you realize that at birth.

LaughterThoughts said...

surprisingly, i actually convinced b#3 to go half spidey half superman the other night... we could only find the pj bottoms for spider-man and the pj top for superman. he wanted to be spidey but the top must be in the laundry hamper. after unsuccessfully trying to convince him to sleep like daddy (i.e. no shirt), i was somehow able to talk him into wearing his superman shirt. he waffles back and forth on which of the two he wants to be when he grows up. today, superman won out. i posted on it this morning, in fact.:)