Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

This is my first attempt at a Thursday Thirteen. Let me know if I do something wrong or if there's some piece of etiquette I'm missing! ;)

Because I've not said much about Sweet Hubby, (except for the fact that he didn't pour out bad OJ) my first Thursday Thirteen is in honor of him. We've been married for almost six years...and six years and 2 (and a half) children later, I've learned some things from him along the way. So I made a list for myself of what I've learned.

Thirteen Things I've learned since being married to Sweet Hubby

1. Although he would do nearly anything for his wife and family, dealing with lizards in the house is just not one of them. Don't tease him about this.

2. He really isn't trying to make your life miserable when he puts the laundry detergent on the very top shelf where you can't reach it without climbing ON TOP of the washing machine to get it.

3. Never ever criticize the way he cleans out the garage, mows the lawn, or takes out the trash--unless, of course, you enjoy doing those activities.

4. Along with #3, never criticize how he makes a'll be making your own lunch for the rest of your life.

5. Always make sure to he goes to the grocery store with a list....

6. ...and never expect for him to come home with ALL the items on the list (or ONLY the items on the list).

7. Always remember Dads do things differently. Even if that includes too much TV, too much sugar, no sunscreen, your white laundry being pink (or your best sweater that now fits your lap dog) and ridiculously dirty children, it's a good thing.

8. Some say it's a myth or a stereotype, but it's true...guys can't multitask--at least mine can't. (Just yesterday, Sweet Hubby called me because he locked his keys in his company car at one of the stores he was calling on...turns out he had tried to pump gas and hang a sign outside the store simultaneously to save time....he waited 30 minutes for his work to bring him another set of keys.)

9. When asked if his hairline is receding, the right answer is always a quick glace and an even quicker, "No! Not at all! " This is the equivalent to "Does this make me look fat?"

10. Always be open-minded to his interests--even if you never thought you would be the girl to see every comic book movie ever made on the day they come out to the theaters (and spending 6 bucks on those questionable hot dogs), you might actually enjoy it (once in a while).

11. Even though he may not seem to have a "quick wit", I've learned to never underestimate his sense of humor and his ability to pull out some really good one-liners (once when I was getting ready to cut his hair, he came out of the bathroom with the "haircut drape" on and asked if he had his cape on right...I still giggle about that).

12. Because of guys like him the term "Family Man" isn't becoming obsolete.

And in honor of my hubby and his interests....

13. NEVER EVER even begin to joke that Batman and Robin might be gay. Any sense of humor he might have had will be completely lost on this joke. The same goes for making fun of superheroes wearing tights...


LaughterThoughts said...

Your 13 is great! BUT, I've not done the Thursday 13 either, so I don't know the ins and outs of rules and etiquette for it!!:-)

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Oh, this makes me laugh! And I think it's more things than I've known about him in all the time we've been getting together for family stuff. :)

There aren't really rules, I don't think, but I know there are places you can get cool banners and stuff. try to get started.

ksl said...

That was great! I think your hubby and mine have alot in common (like dirty children with sugar highs and a hairline that is NOT receding). :)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

That was a great first Thursday Thirteen... I can relate to a lot- especially about the comic book movies... usually I dread them, but secretly end up enjoying them more than I thought!

beth said...

Well, I just sent Hubby to the store with a list that I even rewrote with more detail and in the order in which each item will appear...and yet I know that #6 will still be true.