Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Take my word for it

So, for some reason (that maybe someone can explain to me) I haven't been able to attach pictures to my blog for a while. But I reeeeaaaallllly want to talk about the project we just completed. Problem is, talking about it just doesn't do it justice. But here goes....and as soon as Blogger will let me post a pic (or someone can tell me how to fix this problem) I will post the pictures.

Except for the very first two months of his life, Stephen has always had an unfinished room. And the room he's had for the last year or so was actually quite pitiful and tacky. The walls were a yellowish white color (called "Popcorn"). The windows didn't have blinds, butroomo darkening shades that were crooked so we had to tape them to the walls so they would actually darken the room. He slept on a mattress and boxspring on the floor (the transition from a toddler bed). When we moved him to a twin bed, we bought him red sheets because we had expected to eventually do his room in a Texan/red white and blue theme. The blanket he had on his bed was just one that we had that my mother in law had given me...it was a quilt with white, light blues, greens and purples. His pillow case was sage green. He also had his old toddler bed in his room in the corner where all some of his books "lived" and that's also where he read them. He had a glider rocker and ottoman in there as well that has been in his room since his first nursery. His lamp had a natural would base with a yellow crescent moon pull and a blue check shade. He had LOTS of little random knick-knacks that we have gathered for one reason or another over the last 3.5 years. A few cowboys (for his future Texan room that never happened), 3 piggy banks, a funny decorative lamp, a memo board, a couple of baseballs from games we had gone to, a couple of decorative lunch boxes with superheros on them, etc.... The only reason I let myself get away with this mish mash of tackiness is that I figured he didn't really care. And he didn't. All he really needed was a comfy bed to lay in with a blanket. All he really needed was a space to call his own and his own place to be alone. And he had that. He never cared what it looked like. But it bothered me nonetheless.

The whole point of me describing (in painful detail) the contents of his room is that now it is all NEW! He got a new coat of paint, new bedding with curtains to match, a cool new lamp, and a great "tent" (that to me actually looks a bit like a manger, but it's still GREAT) where he can play and read or do whatever he wants. All the little knick-knack-y things that were there and didn't match are gone or put away somewhere else. He's got blinds. He's got a frame that sits up off the floor like a real bed! The walls are a camo style green with a bold orange stripe running horizontally. The comforter is reversible with camo on one side and a green plaid with a bit of orange running through it. The sheets are orange and the curtains are a different green plaid that matches the bedskirt. His lamp doesn't give off much light, but is kind of a brushed silver color (very modern looking). His tent that his daddy and grandfather built is also orange with a few throw pillows in there for comfort. The switchplates are black and he has a black S hanging above his bed.

The room is SO cool! It looks like a boy's room. We'll eventually move Z in there with him and I think they'll love it. Stephen loves it already and ever since we finished the room he's included "God, thank you for my new room" in his nightly prayers. He also tries to show it off to anyone who crosses the threshold of our house.

I'm so proud. I want the whole house to be that cool.

If you are still reading, thanks for letting me bore you with that. I'm really excited....now Z's next in line...his room isn't quite as bad, but it's never really been finished either. Or how 'bout the master bedroom...it's pretty sorry, too.


ksl said...

How fun!! I bet that looks great! That green camo/orange look is so cool. I am looking forward to doing the boys new room when we get our house. How many rooms to you guys have and where is the baby going to go?

LaughterThoughts said...

How exciting! Pictures would definitely be great. You can post them later for us. :-) This would have been a good entry for the Tackle it Tuesday postings (that I ran across today!-- check it out here: http://www.5minutesformom.com/319/tackle-it-tuesday-week-12/)

When I was having problems uploading pictures to Blogger, I first made sure to resize my pics to small file sizes. Then I think there are times when Blogger is really busy and it's harder to get pictures up with all the traffic. (I don't know WHEN would be less busy, though!) But this is what has worked for me every time, and I really don't know why it would work, but I upload my pictures first thing (before I type anything) and I haven't had a problem getting them to upload. Try it... maybe it'll work for you, too.

Again, congrats on the room! I know that is a really good feeling to get something major like that done... and isn't it sweet how much your little guy appreciates it also!

Alli said...

ksl-we were going to move Z in with Stephen this month, but their sleep patterns are so different, I got really nervous about it. So we've decided to hold off until I feel better about it and think they would do okay. The baby will sleep in our room for the first few weeks, at least, and then if we still haven't moved Z in with S by then, then we might move the baby in with one of them or just give him a space in the living room until we have a room for him. Sad, isn't it? LOL!

As for posting pics, my problem is that NOTHING happens when I click the add image button when I'm creating a new post. It's so frustrating!

LaughterThoughts said...

Well that's a bummer! It's a little more of a hassle, but you could always upload your pictures to something like snapfish and then link to them. I had to do that in my most recent post because I couldn't get a second picture to load on Blogger (guess I jinxed myself with my first comment to you- "I haven't had any problems... blah, blah, blah"!!). So I put it on snapfish, got the URL from there, and linked to it.

k said...

Isn't that an incredible feeling of accomplishment! Especially when you do it for your precious baby. Kudos to you for your hard work and for the lovely results.