Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Something in the orange juice...(bad mommy moment)

We're running low on rice milk this morning. Both boys get a cup of it first thing in the morning. I knew yesterday that we would only have enough for one to get his cup of milk so this morning, I asked Stephen if he wanted milk or OJ to drink. He chose OJ and I poured it for him. Just after I poured it, I remember that Sweet Hubby had said Saturday that the OJ wasn't good. I couldn't remember if he meant this carton or the last carton, and certainly he would throw it out if it was this one, right? So I tell Stephen that if it tastes funny not to drink it (I hate OJ and don't drink it...not sure if I would know if it was "good" or not). He said okay. A few minutes later, he brings an empty cup to me and tells me his tummy hurts. I ask if it tasted funny and he says yes. *sigh* Then WHY did you drink the whole thing?! Of course part of me wonders if he heard me thinking aloud about the OJ being good or not and is just finding something to whine about. Which makes me feel even worse for doubting him.

Note to self: When in doubt, throw it out....and certainly don't feed it to the kids!


LaughterThoughts said...

BTW, I've had some pretty bad mommy moments! At least now I can get a laugh out of them... well, a sorta-kinda-laugh! But those are for another conversation!:-) Anyways, I'm sure there will be plenty more to share in the future!!

ksl said...

As I recall when Gilly was little she used to hide her sippy cup of milk in odd places because Kel wouldn't let her carry it around the house, there were several times she drank 3 day old milk and then threw up on the rug. Did Stephen get sick?

Alli said...

There's been a few times when Z has found a sippy under the couch or entertainment center and started sipping at it. Usually someone cathces him before he gets a good sip...even Stephen freaks out if he sees Z drinking from an old cup. Z's never gotten sick. And Stephen didn't get sick yesterday, but I poured the OJ out!