Thursday, July 16, 2009

The world according to Zachary

Zachary has said some really cute things lately....the other day he was telling me about his love for "butterskwatch". I had no idea what he was talking about until he said something about them being like chocolate chips and then it hit me...he loves butterscotch.

He also loves "TV screens" that he eats once in a while at his grammy's house, which are actually very much like the meals that you heat up in the microwave and eat while watching TV....TV dinners.

And the other day he came to me wearing a bead necklace (like the mardi-gras kind) over his ears and told me that he was a little old lady. I guess the necklace was supposed to be like the things that ladies attach to the glasses so they can wear them around their neck. The next day, he used a water blaster/pump thingy as a cane and pretended to be a little old man, complete with a hunched-over walk and sound effects.

This morning, he requested a banana snoozie for breakfast.

Finally, this last thing isn't so much something cute that he did, but something that made him my hero. For a week, I've been looking for my driver's license, insurance card and discount cart that I last had in the back pocket of my jeans. The sad thing is that I've driven, been to the doctor AND been shopping when I could've been using the discount card. Anyway, this morning, Zachary caught my attention by saying, "Hey Mom, look what I found!" The discount card! I asked him where he found it and if he found any other cards....he came back a minute later with my driver's license and insurance card. They had fallen in between the footboard and comforter when I laid my jeans over the footboard (that's what I get for not putting my laundry away). I called him my hero and gave him a huge hug. He walked around with a huge grin on his face for an hour after that. He's such a sweet boy!

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bj said...

The "banana snoozie" will forever be my favorite thing said a small child!! A, that is hilarious!!

Said it time and again....your blog never fails to make me laugh!!