Wednesday, February 06, 2008

This is interesting...and scary!

And yet another reason to homeschool.....

I'll admit, I haven't checked around for myself to see if this is true, but this came from a reliable source on a homeschool e-mail loop that I'm a part of. The comment at the bottom that says "My Comment" is not actually my comment, but the comment of the person who posted it.


Texas school districts are handing over Social Security numbers, dates of
birth and other sensitive information about the state's kindergarten
students to a private software company without permission from the
children's parents. State education officials who set up the unusual
arrangement insist that the information is safe. But some educators and
parents worry about sending student Social Security numbers to a private
company hired to store kindergarten reading test scores. A privacy expert
says thousands of 5- and 6-year-olds are vulnerable to identity theft as a

"I would hope that any company that had the financial future of every single
kindergartner in Texas would be put through the mill as far as security,"
said David Holtzman, a former security analyst who wrote the book Privacy
Lost. "This is more valuable than a million dollars in gold coins in the
bank." More than 350,000 children attend public school kindergarten in

My comment: interesting number of kindergarteners. If those kids
homeschooled, we would double the number of homeschoolers in Texas, wow,
what a concept! Yes, feel free to forward to all your friends with


mom on a mission said...

You DO homeschool! Oh my, I'm so excited... you are my FIRST "homeschool" bloggy friend. And your previous post makes even more sense now. I really appreciate the comment that was left about "swimming in the ocean." That describes my life so well. Today a tidal wave of "inadequacy" was trying to tip my boat!

Alli said...

Yes, we're homeschooling. We just started, though. Our oldest just turned 5. I tried to e-mail you after your comment, but couldn't. Feel free to e-mail me

Kate said...

I think your title said it all. ((shudder))