Tuesday, February 12, 2008

He's on a roll....

Stephen got a Backyardigans CD for his birthday. In one of the songs, the Backyardigans are pretending to be journalists on TV station in corn country. One character sings, "W-I-O-Wa, corniest station in the nation." But she's not real clear in her enunciating. So this is what Stephen hears, and then walks around singing (censored a bit to keep the weirdos out):

"W-I-O-Wa, h*rniest station in the nation!"

He also has a game with little worms. He thinks one of the worms has horns and he calls it....the h*rny worm.

Then yesterday morning over breakfast, this question fell onto my plate:

"Mom, how does God put the baby in your belly?"


K in the Mirror said...

Okay, now that is funny. :)

So what did you tell him? We've been dancing around the issue for almost a year now. I give out little bits of truth. She's starting to ask really pointed questions though.

Hey honey, want another waffle?

Look kids, Big Ben! Parliament!

Kate said...

Um, the horny worms do it? ;)

There has to be a decent book out there, right? My parents had one that was all cute and had these felt pictures with the mom and dad in the bed with the covers pulled up to their chins. Okay, sorry, not helpful.

KatieBug said...

He did it just like he made the stars. God went "bblppp" and there they were! Nice Veggie Tales explaination there. :)

We have not talked much about it yet but he is pretty sure that he prayed for us to have another baby and God just put in in there. Daddy has nothing to do with it. It was all him. :)

Jaime said...

is there a baby in your belly???!!!

Alli said...

No. There's no baby in my belly. LOL! I don't even remember now how we started talking about babies...I think we started out by talking about what they were like when they were babies.

I told him that when mommy and daddy felt it was time to have another baby, we asked God to help us. So God helped us put the baby in my belly. I left it at that expecting another question to come, but it didn't. I didn't want to give any more information than what he was happy with. LOL!

mom on a mission said...

I feel your pain, lady...I feel your pain!