Saturday, December 02, 2006

In order to keep my pledge and not fall off the wagon 2 days into it, I'm having to post from my parents' house because there's something wrong on my computer. I can't stay logged in to anything. I had some cute pics to post, too. Maybe soon.

I have nothing fun or funny or profound to say. Life is moving at the speed that the holidays bring. I actually got the boys' Christmas presents wrapped this morning, and since they are the only ones we are buying for this year, I guess I'm done! The house is all decorated. I love decorating the tree with the kids. All the ornaments are at their eye level and all on one side of the tree. The rearrange them every once in a while, or start taking all the satin threading ff the satin balls. I love Christmas and I'm so glad the kids are getting to the age that they do, too! And Stephen's getting to the age that he's into some cool things so it's really fun to buy for him.

Tonight we are starting Financial Peace University. I'm really excited about it and hope we can get some good things out of it. We could stand to pay off a little (ahem, maybe a bit more than a little) debt and building up some sort of savings would be a good thing. I just keep thinking that 6 years into being "grown-ups" that we should be better with our money. I'm hoping to meet folks in the same boat as us to make me feel a little better about that.

Oh, Marc-Adam finally gave up a smile. He's so sweet....have I said that, yet?


LaughterThoughts said...

hey! you get to update your profile at the top!:) unless there's already another one on the way, that is!;)

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Oh my gosh, you're doing FPU? We LOVE it. It's amazing. I'll be glad to talk more specifics about it with you anytime. Email, call! :) We're on baby step #2.

k said...

And did we mention that FPU was the motivation for the whole multi-generational household living arrangements that are coming up? :-)