Saturday, August 15, 2009

Little boy

I feel like I've neglected my poor Marc-Adam on my blog lately. It's not because he's not giving me blog-worthy material...he is a constant source of amusement. It's just that most of the time, so many of the wonderful or cute or smart things he says or does can't properly be expressed on the blog. Truth is, he is such an amazing kid. He's smart and funny and hard-headed and sometimes, I just want to squeeze him, he's so sweet.

Today, as Sweet Hubby was putting on his shoes, Marc-Adam asked him where he was going. Hubby told him he had to go to work. Marc-Adam was not happy with this and told Hubby that he was coming too. We tried to explain that he couldn't go, but he asked Hubby, "You going to Mal-Mart?" Hubby said, "Yes, I'm going to work at Wal-Mart." Marc-Adam replied, "You going shopping. I coming with you." :)

When he's lost something and I ask him where he last had it he sadly says, "I tan't mememba." I love how he says that.

He often gets the other boys attention by yelling, "BOY-EEEEEZ!"

Everytime we pray, after we say amen, he yells "For Evie!" while pumping his hand in the air. No idea where he got that from. Our little Braveheart.

The kids were watching some Zula Patrol the other day and someone mentioned Neptune. Marc-Adam hopped up from what he was doing, said, "I know Neptune" and went to the playroom and pointed to the Solar System poster we have hanging up in there. He couldn't point out the exact right planet, but he knew it was a planet.

We were discussing letters and letter sounds one morning, and when I pointed out the B and asked him what sound B made, he replied, "Bzzzzzz!" I wondered what in the world he was saying, and then I realized what he meant (or what he thought I meant).

He goes nowhere without either his goggles, sunglasses or cap, or some combination of the three. One day last week, he went to his Nonny's wearing his sunglasses, bike helmet and his Bob the Builder tool belt. A sight to be seen.

He loves playing Thumb War and Rock Paper Scissors...but I think it's because he always thinks he wins. He yells, "ROCK PAPER SCISSORS SHOOT! I WIN!!!

He came to me the other day and said, "I love Mama and Daddy and Stephen and Zachary." I tried to remind him about Evie and said, "And....?" "And Jesus," he replied.

My sweet baby boy. He's getting so big so fast!


KatieBug said...

What a sweetie! :)

The Whittons said...

so cute!

Peyton yells for her sisters by screaming "GIRRRLLSSS" or "SISSSTTTEERRRRRSSS" It makes me laugh every time!! :)