Monday, June 08, 2009


Baby Girl turned 1 month old yesterday. Eesh. It's going too fast. I'm enjoying this newborn time MUCH more than I ever have before. I guess I'm just now figuring out that this stage goes so quickly and since it could possibly be the last time we have a newborn in the house, I'm trying to soak up every second.

Anyway, I intended to get a post up yesterday about what Evie's up to at 1 month old and to post a special picture, but she had such a hard night/day/night that I completely forgot until just now. We've got an appointment for her this afternoon to see if we need to adjust her reflux meds (you really have to stay on top of making sure they have the right dosage since they grow so fast at this age), but other than that, nothing else is going on. So hopefully I'll have a post up this afternoon for her. Stay tuned.

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chewymama said...

wow, time goes by so quickly! thanks for all the fun updates. i enjoyed my 4th the most too - you just appreciate it so much. and there is nothing like baby breath!!!! :)