Tuesday, June 09, 2009

At one month

Sweet Evie turned one month old on Sunday. Here's what's going on at one month old:

  • She's getting really good at lifting her head. She lifts it up and looks around any chance she gets. She can even lift it and turn it while lying on her tummy!
  • She's focusing on our faces longer, but she keeps going cross-eyed while trying to focus. Hasn't grown out of that, yet, I guess. She can sort of track me if I move to one side of her while we're making eye contact.
  • I think she may have smiled at me on Saturday. It was brief, but beautiful, and I haven't gotten another out of her since.
  • She's going bald. That makes me laugh and cry. The hair is getting incredibly thin on top which I try to cover with a headband, but I worry that might make the problem worse.
  • We were swaddling with a Miracle Blanket for the first few weeks (we used it with Marc-Adam for months...he loved it!). She kept pee-ing through it, so I bought another to have an extra. They aren't cheap. A $30 blanket. Then she decides she doesn't like to be swaddled. Seriously, I started having trouble getting her to sleep, then I tried taking her out of the swaddle. Since then, I haven't had half the problems with her sleep as I had for several days before taking her out of the swaddle. Little stinker. Now I have this $30 blanket we can't use.
  • The boys still love her. They ask to hold her several times a day and get so excited when she wakes up for a nap.
  • She slept in her bed in her room for the first time on Sunday night. She actually only spent a couple of hours in there before I brought her to bed with me because she was having a hard night. But last night, she stayed in her room all night except for the one time I brought her in to bed with me to feed her. Then I put her back in her bed and she went straight to sleep!
I wanted to start taking monthly pictures of her during her first year to be able watch how she grows. I kept thinking that I wanted to take her picture with something that I could use every month to see how she compares with it every month. Then I remembered something we got for a shower gift, and so this is what we'll be taking a picture in every month to see how she grows into it. We had a few issues in the photo shoot.

She looked too scrunched down in this one, so I sat her up and tried again.

Well, that won't work, obviously.

Then she started squirming...I think the headband part of the tiara was poking her. Beauty hurts sometimes, Baby.

The Incredible Disappearing Tiara!

Ah, well, maybe next month will be more successful.


nicole said...

I love her little tongue sticking out. As if she is saying she is wiped out from all the posing. So sweet.

Jana said...

What a sweet girl - love the tiara!

ALISON said...

It goes by so fast...but what a sweet girl you have on your hands!! Great idea to take the pics - I wish I had thought of that about three months ago. Oh, and I know someone who could use that MB if you're looking to get rid of it. ;-)

bj said...

I haven't laughed that hard in ages!!! What great shots!! And It will be fun to see month 2 shots to see how much she has changed in just 4 short weeks. Great idea...and the tiara looks as good on her mama as it does on her! ;)