Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm baaaack!

Howdy! We're back from our fabulous vacation. Actually we were back on Friday, but I didn't feel like getting to all the e-mail and blogs again, so I had to convince myself to do it today. I have a bill that needs to be paid online anyway. So, I'm spending some time catching up with what's been going on with all of you while I was playing myself silly in Disney.

We had a seriously fantastic time. We came back exhausted and overstimulated. Friday night, we were all in bed asleep by 9pm. ALL of us! The kids loved it (even though the lack of normal sleep made Stephen terribly irritable) and we did everything we wanted to do. There were far more people than we had expected, but we still didn't wait more than 20 or 30 minutes for rides or shows. The weather was fabulous, except for one whole afternoon on Monday and for about 15 minutes on Tuesday. I did discover that my hair revolts against Florida weather and water. It looked terrible all week and there was nothing I could do about it. I did have a hat that I wore until the showers on Monday afternoon. At some point during that rain, my hat got wet and shoved into a bag, so that when I took it out, it looked like a hat that should be worn by one of the bears in Country Bear Jamboree. I left that hat in the trash in Florida. It made me sad.

I'll post pictures soon, but we got pictures with so many characters (no autographs though, because I didn't think about that). Just off the top of my head, we met Tigger, Pooh, Darby, Eeyore, Rafiki (the kids didn't even know who that was), Spiderman (at our trip to Islands of Adventure), the Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 and thing 2, The Grinch, Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat, Buzz Lightyear (twice), and Woody. There's more I'm sure, but that's all I can think of. If you aren't already thinking about or planning a trip to Disney, you should start NOW. Seriously. It's a lot of work, especially with really young kids, but it's so worth it. We're already planning another trip for 2010. Except then, we'll have 3 more mother and father-in-law are joining us....and the new baby.

Due May '09.



Jana said...

Congratulations!!!!! What wonderful news! Best wishes for a happy, healthy pregnancy.

And I'm so glad you had a fabulous trip. We're hoping to go next summer so I may be asking for advice in the coming months.

Anonymous said...

hehehehehe!!!!! Or should I say "sheshesheshe!!!" Which ever flavour child you get, Ken and I are so very excited for you guys!!! I even told Cait this morning that you have a baby in your tummy...she asked "what's it name?" LOL Glad you guys are home!

Kim said...

Awww, Congratulations!! :)

Glad y'all had a good trip. Can't wait to see pictures!

kel said...



Mommy Daisy said...

Glad that you had a great trip. And way to slip in a subtle hint there. Congrats!

KatieBug said...

YAY!! I guess you will be needing those clothes pretty soon! :)

nicole said...


Kate said...

I'm so glad that you all had such a good time. And congratulations again!

LaughterThoughts said...

Yea! Sorry to be slow to comment- I've been in a bit of a bloggy slump lately and didn't see the post until today.

Congratulations on your newest blessing.:) Children are a gift from God!