Monday, April 21, 2008

Move along, nothin' to see here

I don't really have a purpose to this post. But I feel like I should post.

So the kids and I have been sick the last few days. We originally thought that kids were sick due to something they ate, but then concluded (after we thought the worst was over and that it was something ate and took them to church) that it might be a bug because I started throwing up and we hadn't eaten the same food since Friday morning. Now I worry that we not only infected the t-ball team, but also three different Sunday school classes, the church choir AND the praise and worship band. Because there is no limit to our friends or our germs.

I'm going to take back all the stuff we bought for Stephen to bribe motivate him to sleep in his room without me being there. He cries about not getting the stuff in the morning, but doesn't care about it at night. And I've had enough of sleeping in bed with Zachary. So I'm taking the stuff back to get a new mattress, and to get poor Zachary a mattress pad. I've been meaning to get him one since he moved to that bed at Christmas, and am only now just realizing how uncomfortable that mattress is. So Mama's getting baby a mattress pad so he can be more comfy.

That's it. See? I really don't have anything to post about.


Jana said...

Sorry to hear about the germs....hope all of you feel better soon!

Kate said...

Think about it this way--someone GAVE you the germs, so maybe you didn't go spreading pestilence as much as revisiting the people who spread it to you.

Sorry you guys have been feeling bad.