Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Plan, it has backfired

Earlier today, Stephen overheard me joking with my mom about something being "made in China". At dinner, he reminded me that not every toy was made in China (even thought that's not really what I had been discussing with my mom), and I told him that most toys were and I could prove it. We just so happened to have a Veggie Tales pirate ship on our table during dinner (yes, we have interesting centerpieces), so I turned it over and showed him where it said "Made in China". He paused for a second, in deep thought, and said, "Ohhhh, that's right. Santa died and now the people in China have to make our toys."

Oh dear.


KatieBug said...

The magic has been replaced with lead paint! :)

The receptionist at the dentist wholeheartedly told the boys that SHE belived in Santa and he WAS going to be at HER house on Christmas. I think she thought they were testing her when they said Santa was not real. When we got to the car I told them she was a liar. :)

chewymama said...

oh that is too much LOL. what a clever little man you had! Dont you hate it when it comes back to you. oh too, too funny!

K in the Mirror said...

That is fabulous and I can't stop laughing. :) Hope he gets things straightened out.

Kate said...

Kids are so funny!

Oh, and Santa does come to MY house, uh huh. Down our nonexistnent chimney. ;)