Monday, January 18, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 1/18/2010

It's still taking me some time to learn to type out 2010. It takes me twice as long as typing 2009.

ANYWAY. It's Monday again, folks. And so here's the menu for the week. Sort of a light week because we had extra things going on with the family that we ate with family a lot. And I tried to keep the rest of our week simple.

  • Monday
Breakfast~ veggie and egg scramble, toast
Lunch~ leftover chili with ILs
Dinner~ chicken stuffed baked potatoes, green beans

  • Tuesday
Breakfast~ oatmeal and apricots
Lunch~ turkey and cheese sandwiches, spinach, yogurt
Dinner~ beans and brown rice, cornbread, salad

  • Wednesday
Breakfast~ cereal, apples
Lunch~ hot dogs, peaches
Dinner~ @ my mom and dad's

  • Thursday
Breakfast~ PB toast, oranges
Lunch~ Spaghettios
Dinner~ hot dogs and tater tots (Disclaimer: I didn't actually feed them hot dogs two days in a row! Remember, we menu Thursday-Wednesday, so they actually would have had hot dogs on Thursday 1/14, and then will be eating the remainder of the package on 1/20. :))

  • Friday
Breakfast~ pancakes, berries
Lunch~ tuna mac, carrots and apples
Dinner~ @ my ILs

  • Saturday
Breakfast~ PB toast, banana
Lunch~ @ ILs
Dinner~ @ ILs (we were supposed to have a garage sale with them at their house, so we were there most of the day, even though the garage sale got rained out.)

  • Sunday
Breakfast~ cereal
Lunch~ @ my mom and dad's after church
Dinner~ Chicken tortilla soup, guacamole (we actually ended up eating dinner with my parents again.)

There you have it. Not very exciting. And somehow, I still ended up spending well over $100 on this week's groceries. Not sure how that happened! I bought lots of fruits and veggies for Evie's food, but still....hated to have to break that news to Sweet Hubby! :)

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