Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Happy Visit

Stephen had his very first dentist appointment today. He was very excited and it went very well. No cavities! He looked so grown up and gave the ladies no problem. He thought he was the coolest kid ever (he didn't get much disagreement from me, either). My camera almost died but I was able to squeeze a little more life out of it by talking real sweetly to it, so I got some cute pictures.

Climbing up in the chair

Flipping through a magazine while being patient

You see how he's got his hands/arms?? They're propped behind his head! Have you ever been so comfy in the dentist's chair?

Getting his teeth "counted"

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k said...

What a grown up boy! Isn't it funny that something as ordinary as a visit to the dentist can be such as special event when it is your child sitting there in that chair. :-) Hope you are all through with the stomach bug.